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Important Things To Know

Legal Advice for Home Renovations


Renovation is not only about tearing down walls but there's a handful of preparation required. To ensure your design and renovation project are going thru smoothly, you need to take the key steps according to process so that you do not miss out or left out any important aspects.

When you start off you renovation project, you're feel with excitement and anxiety that it is so tempting to get the project finish quickly to see the result sooner. But in order to ensure a successful project rather than rushing the project thru, it's best to know where to start and the steps to be taken for smooth project, here's few key steps to start with:

1. Compile your ideas in folder and not in your mind

List down in a folder either in softcopy or hardcopy, separate it to what you like and what you don't like. Use it to discuss with your renovator so that all parties are on the same page and have the visual of your desired dream home.

2. Council Approval

Determined by your scale of renovations, there's possibility you'll need to obtain council approval before you start. It is called as a development approval or building permit. This document can apply to everything that related to altering the structure of your house.


A common practice is to source at least 3 written quotation for the same project. For good deal but also to compare the difference in the service and concept. Always clarify for things you do not understand based on the quotation as you do not want to end up paying extra for things you expect it to be covered but in actual it is not. Do not assume, make it clear.

4. Insurance

When shortlist for quotation, ask for insurance coverage as well. Insurance requirement may vary from state to state and depend on scope of work of renovation but mainly it can include everything from home warranty insurance to builder's all risk insurance and public liability insurance.

5. Contracts

Please make sure all details for your renovation are covered in the contract. This is to avoid any disputes arise either during implementation or after project. Details should cover contract price, project start and finish date, agreed materials, scope of work and all the services are listed in the contract. Clear all expectation and clarification should be done before signing the contract; this will ensure you have the same mutual understanding before starting on ground work.

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